Arizona pottery

Pamela Brooks, Owner of Arizona Pottery highly recommends WorldWide Merchant.Their product is by far the most user friendly, multi-tasked, automatic, easily adaptable and highly designed shopping cart system that any company will ever need.Our particular business greatly demanded software that could change on a daily basis, since we wanted to limit our inventory and still be able to carry a wide selection of products.With the WorldWide Merchant Shopping Cart our site is capable of instant change, and it made it possible for us to delete and add product as fast as we could enter the necessary information, usually within a few key strokes

We also needed software that many different people could access from different places without having to set up a network system.The World Wide Merchant Shopping cart does just that.

Because, most of the people involved with are not computer literate, we can't even begin to explain how much customer support and training we were given by the WorldWide Merchant Staff, that enabled us to get our site off the ground and live on the Internet. They promised us great product & customer support and we received the most trustworthy, skilled, reliable, resourceful and PATIENT customer support along with their highly versatile product.

We owe many thanks and much appreciation to Wide Merchant for their innovative ideas, dedicated hard work and impressive vision when it comes to software design and the day-to-day company administration. Their tireless support and constant monitoring are a rarity in the business world of today. Our success on the Internet is due in a very large part to WorldWide Merchant. We truly value our business relationship and consider the WorldWide Merchant team to be our friends as well as our business partners.


In our eyes the WorldWide Merchant Organization is Top Notch.


Pamela Brooks



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