Site Statistics

How to Filter Site Statistics

Site Statistics

How to Specify a Date Range in Site Statistics

Site statistics reports can be run for any time period you want. You can also select the number of results included in the report. This tutorial will teach you to how to filter your site statistics by date range.

It’s important to review your site statistics regularly, and to compare statistics from one month to another. This provides you with a clear and realistic view of your website’s traffic, and whether it is growing or shrinking.

1. Click Site Statistics. In the Control Panel on the left side of the screen, click Site Statistics.





2. Select a Report Range. At the top of the Site Statistics page



Report Range


Shows statistics for a specified period. Use the “Start” and “End” fields to enter the desired report range.



Shows statistics for the current day.



Shows statistics for the previous day.


Last 7 Days

Shows statistics for the last seven days.


Current Month

Shows statistics for the current month, from the first day of the month to the current day.


Last Month

Shows statistics for the prior month, from the first day of the month to the final day.


Last Month Rolling

Shows statistics for the prior 30 days.



3. Select the number of items to show (Optional).

Some reports contain extensive lists. For example, under Resources Accessed, the URLs report shows every page of your site that was viewed during the specified report period.

Use the “Show Items” dropdown to select how many results you want to be returned for such reports. The more results you select to view, the longer it will take for the report to be prepared.


4. Click Go. After making your selections, click “Go” to run your statistics report.


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