How to change an order's status

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This tutorial will teach you how to change the status of an order. Order statuses allow you and your customer to track the progress of an order through your order fulfillment process. A brief description of each type of order status is included below.

To Change an Order's Status

  1. Click Order Manager. In the Control Panel on the left side of the screen, click Order Manager.

  2. Select the order whose status you want to change. In the Order Manager, browse to and click on the order whose status you want to change.

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  3. Change Order Status. Use the Order Status dropdown box to select a new order status. See below for a description of individual status types.

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  4. Click Done. When finished selecting a new order status to save your changes.

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Order Statuses

Order Status Description
New All orders start with a "New" status. Orders marked "New" have not begun the order fulfillment process.

Pending Mark orders "Pending" once the order fulfillment process has begun.

Hold Mark orders "Hold" when there is a delay in the order fulfillment process.

Backorder Use the "Backorder" status for orders that include out-of-stock products.

Shipping Use the "Shipping" status for orders that are in the packaging and / or shipping stage of the order fulfillment process.

Partial When one or more products in an order are out of stock, or backordered, you can still ship the remaining product(s) as a Partial order. See How to Ship a Partial Order for more information.

Shipped Mark orders "Shipped" once they have been sent. Changing the status of an order to "Shipped" will charge the credit card for that order (if applicable).

Canceled Mark an order "Canceled" to cancel that order.



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