How to print an order

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This tutorial will teach you how to display a printer-friendly version of any order placed through your website's shopping cart. This printer-friendly page can be printed as used as an invoice, packing slip, or for internal record keeping.

To Print an Order

  1. Click Order Manager. In the Control Panel on the left side of the screen, click Order Manager.

  2. Select the order you want to print. In the Order Manager, browse to and click on the order that you want to print to open the order details screen.

    [Image Placeholder]

  3. Click Print Order. At the top of the Order Detail screen, click Print Order to display a printer-friendly version of this order.

    NOTE: Click Printing Options to specify how you want this printed order to appear. To learn more about specifying printing options, see How do I set order printing options?

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  4. Click Done. When finished printing the order, click Done to close it.


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