New Domain Names

Enter our name servers when registering your New domain name and that will tell the world that we are hosting your web site.

Our DNS "Name Servers" are as follows:


Existing Domain Names

If you have an existing domain with registred with Godaddy here is how to point it to us for hosting.

Log into your Godaddy account.

Step #1 Click on "Domains" to list all of the domains you have on your Godaddy account.
Step #2 Click on “Launch” on the far right of the domain listing you want us to host for you.

You should now be on the “Domain Details” page and it will already be on the “Setting” tab, if not click on the setting tab
Step #3 Look for “Nameservers” and click the “Manage” link.

Make sure "Custom" is selected at the top and now click on the X on the far right of the two or three entry's listed to remove them.

Step #4 Click “Add Nameserver” and enter NS.WWMERCHANT.COM and then add a second entry for NS2.WWMERCHANT.COM

Click OK to save your changes.


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